In more depth

In more depth

We all know that physical attraction is our first step into finding a partner. Once our eagle eyes have landed on a poor soul, we usually tend to try our hardest on making them ours. But what confuses me, is … Continue reading

Physical attraction Vs Personality

Often I have found myself wondering what attracts us to other human beings. Me myself, being a women, I am attracted to the male species… but what is it that I am actually attracted too? The build of a man, hair colour, eye colour, or is it in fact the personality that grasps my attention? The friendly, caring, humorous guy?

Even for me, I cannot answer this simple question. This question, I’m sure, is a difficult one for any individual to answer. No one wants to sound naive, solely choosing physical attraction as their main source of what they look for in a partner. But in my case, purely stating that personality as the main attraction does not lie with me. I personally think that there must have to be some sort of physical attraction… right?

Perhaps we look for a mix of the two. Not just searching for a good personality that suits our own, but keeping our eyes peeled to see what draws our attention in the looks department.

Sums it up 😉


Something must draw our attention to explore an individual’s personality… so could this be their physical appearance?